Empowerment and Protection

On October 8, 2014 the new publication, Empowerment and Protection: Stories of Human Security edited by Kristen Wall, Jenny Aulin and Gabriella Vogelaar, was launched by the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC). 
The publication shares and analyses stories of how people see threats to their safety through a human security lens. As a people-centred approach to understanding threats to people's livelihoods, safety and dignity, human security is useful as both an analytical tool and an operational approach for addressing socio-political problems.
Spanning six corners of the world, it presents the accounts of people living in Afghanistan, the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Zimbabwe, Ukraine, Mexico, and the Philippines. You can learn more about the different contributors to the publication through their profiles below. 
You can find the downloadable version of the publication here

Human Security Experts


Jenny Aulin

Jenny Aulin works as Programme Manager Human Security at the GPPAC Global Secretariat in The Hague, the Netherlands. Having been with GPPAC since 2008, her current responsibilities include the...


Reverend Sikhalo Cele

Reverend Sikhalo Cele is an ordained minister in the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa (UCCSA) in Zimbabwe and holds a Master of Arts Degree in Religious Studies from the University...


Lucy Nusseibeh

Lucy Nusseibeh lives and works in East Jerusalem, where she is the founder and director of MEND (Middle East Nonviolence and Democracy). Since 2007, Ms. Nusseibeh has also served as the...


Alexander Bogomolov

Alexander Bogomolov was born 1963. He holds a Ph.D. in Arabic linguistics. In the 1980s and 1990s he travelled and lived extensively in the Middle East. Since January 2014 he has been the Director...


Shafeek Seddiq - Afghanistan

Shafeek Seddiq, a lawyer, has been working in Afghanistan since 2008 in reforming the rule of law as part of the overall international intervention of building the legal system in fragile and post...


Raul Torralba - Philippines

Raul Torralba is the Knowledge Management and Communications coordinator of Initiatives for International Dialogue, which also serves as the regional secretariat of GPPAC for Southeast Asia. This...


Luis Gómez Chow - Mexico

Luis Gómez Chow is Programme Director at Centro de Colaboración Cívica (CCC), a Mexican non-profit working to develop a culture for dialogue, collaboration, and peaceful resolution of conflicts and...


Kristen Wall

Kristen Wall currently works as a senior program officer managing democratic development and conflict mitigation programs in Kosovo at the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs. ...


Sylvia Aguilera García - Mexico

Sylvia Aguilera García is Executive Director of the Centro de Colaboración Cívica (CCC), where she has worked for seven years, Sylvia has acquired broad experience designing and facilitating...


Bishop Dr Amrbose Moyo

Bishop Dr Amrbose Moyo was born in Zimbabwe on 22 July 1943. He is married and now has four grandchildren. He was ordained as Pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbabwe in 1969. He...