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Human Security First

Conflict Prevention


Human security is putting people's safety, well-being and political inclusion first, in any given context.  It builds the foundation upon which both sustainable peace and sustainable development can be achieved, and without which, neither can be achieved. Human Security First wants security for all people. We believe that the Human Security approach is the way to ensure that.

Current highlights and upcoming activities:

  • We have collected a whole lot of new videos over the last weeks. Check them out here
  • Putting Human Security First means listening to people; it means understanding the diversity of security needs. As part of these efforts a group GPPAC people was in New York from 6-9 October 2014. The week was planned around the launch of the GPPAC Human Security publication, ‘Empowerment and Protection – Stories of Human Security' and the promotion of the Human Security First campaign, but entailed a number of other activities. You can check out who was of the group of people that was in New York better by clicking here. Throughout the week there were updates and stories shared through our Twitter account, Facebook page and in the activities section of this website.
  • One of the participants, Kristen Wall, was interviewed by the IPI Global Observatory. Read the article which discusses the relation between human and state security here.
  • The new publication, ‘Empowerment and Protection – Stories of Human Security', is downloadable here on the left side of the page. 
  • We have also developed new tools and resources. Check out our new infographic explaining the background to human security by clicking here. You can also find a compilation video of different videos we have collected so far there.  
  • The International Day of Peace 2014 was celebrated on Sunday 21st September throughout the world. Many GPPAC members hosted different events in their countries, and each organisation included a bit about Human Security. Check out some of the activities that took place by clicking here. If you organised an event, please get in touch through and tell us all about it.
  • The Human Security First campaign was covered by Pressenza, an International Press Agency, read the article about our campaign here

Inspired? Interested? Or excited? Get involved, here are some ideas of what you can do!

  • Send us your photo to let the UN know you want them to put Human Security First. Please also tell us your name, age and location. 
  • Watch the videos of people in conflict areas explaining why Human Security should be put First or make your own video. Check out some more tips on how to do that here.
  • Read more about the importance of peace and security for fragile states and the campaign, and send us a blog with your ideas to