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Human Security First

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Human Security First Campaign


Human security is putting people's safety, well-being and political inclusion first, in any given context.  It builds the foundation upon which both sustainable peace and sustainable development can be achieved, and without which, neither can be achieved. Human Security First wants security for all people. We believe that the Human Security approach is the way to ensure that.

We believe that Human Security should be a guiding principle to international relations, development and peacebuilding policies and projects, and that the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals are a unique opportunity to make this happen.

Putting Human Security first means listening to people; it means understanding the diversity of security needs. We will share with you the insights and thoughts of people affected by violence, conflict and other forms of insecurity and hope to hear from you, too! Through information and discussion we can raise awareness of Human Security, so that we can finally start putting Human Security First!


What can you do?


Send us your photo to let the UN know you want them to put Human Security First. Please also tell us your name, age and location. 

Watch the videos of people in conflict areas explaining why Human Security should be put First

Read more about the importance of peace and security for fragile states and the campaign